About NSI

The NSI, a member of the Scandinavian Society for Immunology (SSI), is an active society that arranges meetings with national and international speakers. NSI members may advantage of benefits such as meeting travel grants and free copies of the Scandinavian Journal of Immunology. Members are concidered for the NSI Research Award given every year on the Day of Immunology for an outstanding article in immunology.

The Board members and the local representatives run the NSI. Volunteers are elected to the Board at the annual general meeting. The Board and representatives are always delighted to hear from NSI members who have suggestions to make, especially when suggesting speakers!

Would you like to become a member? You have the possibility to either sign up as an individual member, or collectively through your research group.

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Newsletters and discussion forum

The meetings arranged by NSI are open for all, but as a member you receive regular notification by e-mail of NSI meetings, as well as other important immunology events in Norway and world-wide. The mailing list <NSI-members@1medisin.uio.no> is also an open discussion forum for all members, moderated by the secretary to avoid spam. If you are a member, please feel free to copy and paste the address within brackets <NSI-members@1medisin.uio.no> to your email program and enjoy a good discussion!


Local branches

NSI has local branches in both Bergen and Trondheim. Each branch is responsible for arranging local activities in the Norwegian university cities.


History and statutes of NSI

The Norwegian Society for Immunology was founded in 1982. The intention was to encompass the entire immunological community in Norway.To read more about NSI’s history, please follow this link:

Statutes and History of NSI

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