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NSI Rising Stars in Immunology Seminar Series

We are pleased to have Prof Dr. Yana Safonova (Oct 7) at the NSI Rising Stars in Immunology  – see seminar details below:

Speaker: Prof Dr. Yana Safonova

‘High-throughput profiling of antibody repertoires enables large-scale analysis of adaptive immune responses’

Date: Thursday, Oct 7th, 2021 at 14.00

Talk details:

Meeting ID: 611 0983 1021

Passcode: 070059

Bio: Prof. Dr. Yana Safonova, is an Incoming Assistant Professor. Department of Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University, USA.. “Currently, I am focusing on open problems in immunogenomics and computational immunology that include applications of the recently emerged immunosequencing technology (or repertoire sequencing) to design of antibody drugs, prediction of vaccine efficacy, and population analysis of the immune loci. Click here to learn more about the research projects.” Google scholar:

NSI 2021 Research Prize

NSI is pleased to announce the call for 2021 NSI Research Prize nominations are open.

The NSI’s Research Award is given to the first author of an outstanding original scientific paper in the field of immunology. The work must have been affiliated with a Norwegian research institution and been published after November 2020 to be eligible.

Please click here for more details: NSI Research Prize 2021

Deadline for applications are 03 November 2021. Please send nominations to Victor Greiff (

Per Brandtzæg Travel Award

NSI is pleased to announce that applications for the Per Brandtzæg Travel Award are now open.

Per Brandtzæg was a world-renowned Norwegian dentist and medical researcher committed to supporting mucosal immunology research.

The Per Brandtzæg Travel Award provides up to 100,000 NOK for training support in mucosal research. Training must be abroad. Postdocs within 7 years of completing their PhD or exceptional PhD students affiliated with a Norwegian university may apply.

Please click here for more details: Per Brandtzæg Travel Award

Deadline for applications are 03 November 2021.

In Memoriam

NSI sadly acknowledges the recent passing of three honorary NSI members Erik Thorsby (1938-2021),  Jacob Birger Natvig (1934-2021) Marten Harboe (1929-2021).

Erik, Jacob and Marten were internationally-recognized pioneers of medicine and basic research and helped establish the foundation of the Norwegian immunology community.

Morten Harboe (1929-2021):

Erik Throsby (1938-2021):

Jacob Birger Natvig (1934-2021):

NSI Patrons and Sponsors

Immunology is a collaboration between excellent academic research and innovative companies aiming to understand disease mechanisms and develop new therapeutics.

NSI greatly appreciates the support of the following academic centers and industrial partners in fostering the Norwegian immunology community.

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