Local Branches


The NSI is happy for the growing interest in immunology in Norway. Besides the main branch in Oslo, local branches have been established in Bergen, Trondheim and Tromsø. The local branches arrange meeting and events for local immunologists.

Bergen branch

Contact person: Dr Bergithe Oftedal, Researcher, Department of Clinical Science, UiB, and junior PI at the KG Jebsen Centre for Autoimmune diseases


Trondheim branch

We are a very young branch of NSI and had our first meeting celebrating The Day of Immunology on the 25th of April this year (2017). We have more than 20 enthusiastic members, many of them recently enrolled in the society. The Trondheim branch plans to have regular quarterly meetings with interesting topics covered by both local and guest speakers. Infection and immunity will be the topic of the next meeting which is planned for late August. We have a broad community of immunologists here in Trondheim from clinicians at St Olavs Hospital to non-clinical basic scientists from NTNU. Our members are interested in many facets of immunology from clinical immunology to basic innate immunity and we will try to cater for all interests.

The NSI-Trondheim branch is organizing a minisymposium as part of the NBS (Norsk Biokjemisk selskap) contact metting in 2019 in Rørøs and is looking for suggestions of prominent immunologists for NBS2019).

Contact person: Markus Haug, Researcher, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (markus.haug@ntnu.no)

Tromsø branch

Contact person: Maria Therese Ahlen, Researcher, University Hospital of North, Norway (maria.therese.ahlen@unn.no)