Annual General Meetings (AGM)

This page gives information about NSI meeting history in recent years.


Welcome to the 35th Annual Meeting, Friday November 17th 2017!

Professor Richard Holmdahl from Karolinska Institutet in Sweden will deliver our keynote lecture (Holmdahl lab web site: http://ki.se/en/mbb/rikard-holmdahl-group) .

Additionally, there will also be talks from Professor Mats Ohlin (Lund University, Sweden) and Associate professor Peter Kristensen (Aarhus University, Denmark), as well as invited national speakers and short talks selected from the submitted abstracts. The scientific program will also include many exciting studies presented during the afternoon poster session.

The meeting will include the NSI General Assembly, and conclude with a free bar during the poster session, followed by our Annual Dinner.  The Annual Dinner (Tapas, dessert and wine/beer) and Party will start at 19:00 at Kafé Erik at Domus Medica (Registration is closing November 10th). The registration fee for the Annual Dinner and Party are NOK 250 for members and NOK 450 for non-NSI members (including NSI membership for 2017).

The registration fee should be paid before November 10 to confirm participation to the Annual Dinner/Party (see payment details below).  

Download (PDF, 626KB)

Annual Party Payment Details

  • Ordinary members (incl. PhD students): NOK 250.
  • Non-members: NOK 450.

NSI v/Raquel Bartolomé Casado
Department of Pathology
University of Oslo,
Oslo University Hospital
Payable to bank account no.: 0540.08.38560
Postbanken bank IBAN no.:NO02 0540 0838 560
Postbanken bakn BIC address: DNBANOKKXXX
Please write YOUR NAME in the information box (“betalingsinformasjon”) on the giro.


NSI 32nd Annual Meeting and General Assembly 2014

Time: Thursday November 13th 11:00 ‐18:00

Venue:   Nye Auditorium 13, Domus Medica, University of Oslo

Time:     Thursday November 13th, from 11:00

The Annual Meeting with scientific presentations will be held from 11:00 – 18:00, directly followed by the General Assembly from 18:00-18:30.

The poster session with refreshments will be held outside Auditorium 13 from 18:30 – 19.30, followed by the Annual Dinner and Party in Forvalterboligen at Rikshospitalet at 19:30.

Abstract presentations

We encourage all NSI members to submit abstracts for the meeting. 8-10 of the submitted abstracts will be selected for oral presentations. Please note that oral presentations may qualify for study points towards a degree. In addition, we hope to see many posters and discussions during the poster session. Please indicate during registration whether you wish to present a poster. Poster presentation is independent of the oral presentations, and you may present in both formats.


Agenda for the General Assembly

The agenda for the General Assembly is included as a separate attachment. All documents for the General Assembly will be circulated to all members no later than 1 week prior the Assembly. Members that wish to bring up an item for discussion at the General Assembly can notify Marit Inngjerdingen at mariti@medisin.uio.no in advance in order to put it on the agenda.



Abstract submission and registration for the NSI Annual Party is now open at https://nettskjema.uio.no/answer/61743.html, and we encourage you to register by November 1st.

Please pay 200 NOK for the dinner and party upon registration, using the bank account 0540 08 38560 (Norsk Selskap for Immunologi).

Mark the payment with your name and “NSI Annual Meeting”.



11:00 NSI Special Guest Lecture

Per Brandtzæg, Department of Pathology, OUS

The advent of immunological research in Norway and NSI as a catalyst

11:45 NSI Main Lecture

Prof. Chiara Romagnani, Deutsches Rheuma-Forschungszentrum Berlin

To be announced (Topic: ILCs)

12:30 Lunch

13:00 National NSI Speakers

Kristin Fenton, Department of Medical biology, University of Tromsø

Lupus nephritis: from mesangial cell activation to development of tertiary lymphoid structures

Jan Terje Andersen, Department of Immunology, Oslo University Hospital

Intracellular antibody sensing in the battle against infection

Piotr Mydel, Department of Clinical Science, University of Bergen

Post-translational modifications as a modulator of immune responses

15:30 Abstract sessions I and II (separated by coffee break)

18:00 NSI General Assembly

19:30 NSI Annual Dinner and Party, Forvalterboligen, Rikshospitalet

NSI Workshop on how to write grant applications 2014

The NSI orgnaized October 20th a mini-seminar on how to write grant applications, with 20 min talks by:

Dmitrii Rodionov, CreoTech

Benedicte A. Lise, professor

Erik Dissen, professor

The slides from Lies talk can be found below:

Download (PDF, 863KB)


NSI Happy Hour 2014

It is a pleasure to welcome you all to the NSI Happy Hour 2014, which will take place October 8th at 5 pm in Runde Auditorium at Domus Medica.

Theme: Research-based innovations



What is needed to motivate basic researchers in academia to turn their discoveries into new innovations? What is required to make a commercial spin-off, and what is the reward for the researcher? How can we bridge the innovation gap between academia and the R&D industry?



5 pm: “Commercialization of research-based innovations” by entrepreneur and investor Eirik Næss-Ulseth, who has 30 years experience in commercialization of innovations in biomedicine, IT, and physics.

5:30 pm: “Technology Transfer: From Science to Business” by Technology Strategy Manager Anders Holm, Inven2. Inven2 is an innovation company owned by the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital, established to develop innovations.

6 pm: Pizza, beer/wine/soft drinks are served in Café Eric just outside the auditorium with excellent opportunities to socialize with colleagues!


23rd October 2013: R&D meeting:
The immune system and cancer – immunological effects of cancer therapies

Coorganized with the Oslo Cancer Cluster.
Program here.

9th October 2013: NSI Happy Hour 2013

ImmunoIdol competition, drinks, food and great company.

Rotunden 15.00-16.00 and 16.00-20.00
Trond Halstensen (Odont), Alex Corthay (CIR/OUS), Siri Mjaaland (FH), Tore Abrahamsen (OUS), Ludvig Munthe (CIR/IMM), Inger Sandlie (CIR/IBV)

Line Alsaker (NRK), Simen Kvaal (UIO), Ingvild Haugstad (Det andre teatret)

16.00-20:00: Poster session and sponsor presentations
Poster prize will be awarded!

More info here.


26th April 2013: Day of Immunology 2013

“Autoimmunitet. Når kroppen går til angrep på seg selv”
11.00 – 15.00, Litteraturhuset

The Day of Immunology is a conference created to bring awareness of immunology to the public, featuring popular science lectures and talks from prominent immunologists.

The induvidual talks can be found in these links:

To be added


ImmunQuiz 2013

w/ quizmaster Frode Vartdal, dean of the medical faculty

February 27th

18.00, at Anestesien, Rikshospitalet, Oslo

NSI Happy Hour 201212.september 2012
Lectures, drinks, food and great company.

15.00-16.00:  Prof. Gary Koretzky, MD, PhD
Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute
University of Pennsylvania , USA

Signaling Mutants Uncover Rare Populations
of Innate-Like Lymphocytes” 


16.00-16.30   Greger Abrahamsen, PhD
Insitute of Basal Medical Sciences
University of Oslo
“Image Stream flow cytometry”

The lectures will be in Auditorium 13, Domus Medica.

16.45-21:00:  Poster session and sponsor presentations, Atrium in Domus Medica.

Poster prize will be awarded!

30th November 2o12: Annual meeting and general assembly

Venue: Rotunden, Domus Medica, new building
13:00‐13:30: Frode Jahnsen (Oslo): “Disturbed lipid metabolism in fetal skin predisposes for development of allergic disorders”
14:00‐14:30: TrudeHelen Flo (Trondheim): “Molecular mechanisms of mycobacterialinfections. An overview”
14:30‐14:45: Break with refreshments
14:45‐16:00: Abstract session 1
16:00‐16:30: Break with refreshments and snacks
16:30‐17:30: Abstract session 2
17:30‐18:00: General Assembly
18:30‐01:00: Annual party with tapas, drinks, music and dance
Venue: DomusMedica, new building cantina, 2nd floor


27th April 2012: Day of Immunology

“Maten og immunforsvaret”

11.00 – 15.00, Universitets Aula, Oslo

The Day of Immunology is a conference created to bring awareness of immunology to the public, featuring popular science lectures and talks from prominent immunologists.

The induvidual talks can be found in these links:

Anne SpurklandLudvig SollidMorten VatnHelene Lindvik


16th February: ImmunQuiz 2012

w/ quizmaster Zoltan Fehervari, editor of Nature Immunology

18.00, at Anestesien, Rikshospitalet, Oslo