NSI Publication Prize

NSI administrates this award which will be given to a first/co-first author located in Norway who has published a scientific paper in the immunology-category of outstanding academic quality and/or impact. Please see criteria for the award on the next page. The article has to have been published within the last year (Nov2022–present).

  • Yearly
  • Deadline application in Autumn: 16 October 2023.
  • The Committee is the NSI board as well as few more members from the Norwegian immunology community. The board points a person from the board to be the leader of the Committee.
  • The leader of the Committee (see above) receives the applications and makes a scoring sheet for the Committee. A suggested template for the scoring sheet is attached.  The leader acts as a secretary for the Committee. 
  • If members of the Committee have a conflict of interest in relation to any of the applicants, they should step aside when evaluating that applicant. 
  • The board should publish the following text for the NSI Community in an e-mail:

NSI Publication Prize: We are seeking nominations for the NSI Research Prize, which recognizes an outstanding article published within the last year (Nov 2022–present). Please send nominations to Gunnveig Grødeland (gunnveig.grodeland@medisin.uio.no)  before 16 October 2023. Eligibility information can be found here:


The winner will be giving a talk about their work at the NSI annual meeting. 

  • The winner will be notified early/mid-November about the decision and should hold a short talk on his/her work at the yearly NSI meeting.
  • Information about the prize will be posted on the NSI web page, sent around to NSI members and also be provided on other forums in Norway. The winner will also be announced on the NSI webpage.