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Systems Immunology seminar

This is a seminar co-hosted by the NSI and the UiO FOCIS Centre of Excellence. In addition to talks by local researchers, we have two excellent international speakers, Sai Reddy from ETH Zurich ( and Aimee Payne from University of Pennsylvania (

Time and place: Friday, August 24, from 13.00, Auditorium 1 (Grønt), Rikshospitalet

After the seminar we will arrange a free BBQ with wine and beer outside Cafe Erik (Domus Medica). We will be eating inside or outside depending on the weather. Please sign up for the BBQ below or on the NSI Facebook page. Deadline: August 10.

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Previous events


Workshop on the Danger Model

The NSI arranged a two-day workshop on the Danger Model with Polly Matzinger and many other national and international experts in the field.

See the full program for the workshop below

Download (DOCX, 283KB)