Membership fees

  • Ordinary members (incl. PhD students): NOK 300.
  • Stud scient and stud med (students): NOK 200.
  • Patrons (company members): minimum NOK 8000.

In addition members have the opportunity to subscribe to Scandinavian Journal of Immunology (SJI) for NOK 65.

The NSI board works voluntarily. The membership fee is used for:

There are many benefits to NSI membership, some principle ones include:

  • Subscription to the SJI at a cost of NOK 65.
  • Travel grants to the annual SSI meeting.
  • Discount on selected Nordic Biosite products
  • Updates on important events and activities in the Norwegian immunology community from our NSI secretary.

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Payment details

NSI v/ Kushi Kushekhar
Institute of Clinical Transplantation Surgery and Experimental Immunology
University of Oslo,
Oslo University Hospital
Payable to bank account no.: 0540.08.38560
Postbanken bank IBAN no.:NO02 0540 0838 560
Postbanken bakn BIC address: DNBANOKKXXX
Please write YOUR NAME in the information box (“betalingsinformasjon”) on the giro.

For new single members we will contact you regarding payment details, by email, as soon as you have registered using the online form above.

We welcome and look forward to your membership to the NSI. Thank you!



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